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Controlled delivery procedure

Delivery under control is the most effective system of actions, which suppose impartial and independent commodity quality control, in order to avoid delivery of inappropriate quality commodities to assembly plants.

Also the process of the delivery under control supposed detailed analysisof the root causes of defects rise, search of possible solutions, and as result - achievement of stable high quality of delivered automobile components and commodities.

Sequence of actions for providing of delivery under control:

Introduction of Vlankas plus quality control goes in two directions:

  1. Packing and delivery of quality products to consumer
  2. Isolation of non-conforming parts and careful analysis of causes of misfit, with providing of proper documentation and concrete recommendations.

Delivery under control stages:

  1. Request from assembly plant for delivery under control
  2. Concluding the contract with supplier


Preparation stage:

  1. Project leader appointment
  2. Introduction meeting
  3. Search and training of personnel
  4. Definition of the list of the parts for control
  5. Development of the control plan
  6. Definition of the points of control
  7. Development of the reporting system
  8. Development of the working instructions for operators


Control and analyses stage:

  1. Control and analysis operations
  2. Results recording
  3. Daily reports to assembly plant
  4. Labelling of OK and not-OK parts
  5. Root causes analyses
  6. Confidentiality providing


Exit stage:

  1. Confirmation of effectiveness of corrective actions
  2. Preparation of documents set
  3. Presentation of documents set to supplier and automotive plants
  4. Lessons learned
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