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About Us

“Vlankas plus” company is supplier of solutions in field of commodity and ready products quality assurance for plants which produce big series of products.

We are ready to provide sorting, quality control, modification and rework of commodities and/or finished goods and analyze quality problems which ariseduring mass production, to issue recommendations about their solving and to train the personnel.

With “Vlankas company” assistant you’ll be able to protect your plant from delivery of non-conforming, complete or partial goods with poor quality, from products which do not meet international or declared quality conditions, and also to find out the best ways of problem solution andprovide your plant with high-quality goods

Advantage of the company "Vlankas Plus" is not only a responsible approach to business and high professional skills ofteam members, but itisalso wide experience of workon the market of quality control of automotive commodities.

In our reference list there are such automotive companies as “General Motors”, “Ford Motor Company”, “Nissan”, “Toyota”, we also have such suppliers of commodities as “Visteon Autopal”, “Faurecia”, “Antolin” and others within our customers

“Vlankas plus” is the team of competent and experienced specialists, always ready to assist to your business. 

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