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Repairing and sorting services

Sorting of commodities – separation of delivered commodities on OK and not OKparts. This service necessity arises in case of detection some commodities with poor quality in delivered party on buyer’s plant, or by customer’s request in case when the customer doubts in delivered commodities quality. Quality check is made on warehouses and assembly plants.

Rework of commodities (wiring isolation, glueing of moldings, body works, cutting of fin…) – in some cases commodities with poor quality can be repaired after sorting. Repairing of such commodities is realized on assembly plants by “Vlankas plus” method, which was agreed with Customer.

Modification of commodities (updating of the control unit software, replacing of clips and components) – modification of commodities is necessary in case commodities were changed after engineering modifications, but it is possible to modify commodities of previous engineering level to the new one. Such modification is realized by customer’s method on his area or on assembly plant.

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